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Ford Walton

Game Developer

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Games Programmer/Designer with a background in VR, Mobile and Web development.
8+ years experience with Unity, Unreal Engine 4, and Custom Engines.


Although I am primarily a programmer, my design skills are also exceptional , this added versatility enables me to assist and/or lead in various aspects of design as well as tech.
My programming strengths are in Mechanic, Gameplay and Dynamic Systems although I also can and have dealt with AI, Advanced Collisions, 3D, and Physics programming.
In my current daytime job I often get tasked with a combination of programming and design jobs often creating or editing assets fit to purpose of which I then implement, this has seen me using Design programs such as Photoshop, After Effects and Blender, to name a few.


Programming languages I am fluent in are C++ (including Graphic API's DirectX and OpenGL), C#, Blueprint(UE4), HTML, CSS and JavaScript, additionally I am familiar with multiple deployment platforms such as Nintendo Switch, Mobile(Android and iOS), Windows, OSX and Web.


My experience with a variety of professional design software , including 3DS Max, Photoshop, Sony Vegas, Ableton and FMOD Studio — among various accompanying audio tools is a noteworthy mention. On top of this I have experience in prototyping, shaping gameplay and level design, assisted by my background in Sociology, Media and Game Narratology theory.

Game Engines

The main engines that I use are Unity and UE4, although I do have plenty of experience with CryEngine, UDK, RPG Maker, WebGL framework ThreeJS, and some self built C++ engines in both 2D and 3D.

Web and Apps

I have a history with professional web and app development in some of my past roles using my extensive knowledge of many web based languages and frameworks. This history also includes a fair billing of apps that I've been responsible for or had a hand in. Made using Visual Studio Code and using Bootstrap, this website is a demonstration of these skills in practice.